Stop Theft….

We do NOT buy from known thieves

The attempted sale of stolen items or GOLD has become more common as the price of gold scrap has climbed.

A simple fact,  theft benefits no one.

Our customers want to sell their items and gold to a professional company. They don’t want to associate with a company that buys stolen items. They don’t want to worry that the person next to them is selling stolen items, and they don’t want to be around any confrontation in that regard.

At The Gold Mine, we invest considerable time and expense in helping prevent the purchase of stolen gold and items.

Here are some of the measures we take:

• We don’t buy from known thieves!

• Security cameras at all of our stores and very prominent signs
announcing our security cameras help deter someone from
even trying to sell us stolen items or to steal anything from the store.

• We have taken a leadership position in working with
law enforcement in making arrests for stolen gold and items and
attempting to sell stolen items.

• We actively support law enforcement in making arrests for stealing property and gold. The Gold Mine policy is to call the police in the event we identify a stolen item or gold.

•A state of the art computer system which requires photo ID when selling any item to our store.
In the event the  item is stolen, police will be able to contact the thief. This system also tags the thief’s
information to prevent from ever  buying or selling at our store.

And we make a personal commitment to help stop theft. We do not condone or accept any item that we believe was stolen. We are here to buy unwanted items and sell to customers confident that the item was legitimately bought and sold at our store.  Our employees have the right to refuse the transaction of any item if it is believed to be stolen.


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