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Stop By The Shop and Check into FOURSQUARE for special offers!

Look us up on GOOGLE check for coupons!

Come check out our FACEBOOK for updates!

Welcome to the new GOLD MINE website! Very excited to have a web page to share information with all of our customers. The site is still under construction so bare with us while we finish updating pictures!

Stop by the shop !



Back to School Baltimore graphic

We have everything you need for back to school!

Laptops, iPods, Tablets, Calculators, Computers, Webcams, and much more!

Go Back in STYLE

jewelry, sunglasses, rings, video games, and much more!

  1. Diane Eccleston says:

    I will never buy retail jewelry again. You have some very beautiful jewelry!! And the service is superb. Thanks for a pleasant experience…each & every time!

  2. June Maxey says:

    Wow!!! Your Mom is doing a Good job of promoting your Business….

    Love and Prayers, Grammy

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